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q Can foreigners residing in Korea receive treatment from Korean medical centers through GKMC?

Yes, foreigners in Korea can receive medical treatment from hospitals through GKMC services. You can also receive the benefits of the Korean National Healthcare if you are a enrolled in the Korean National Health Insurance Service (NHIS) program.

q How do I exchange currency?

We can can exchange cash with US dollars or Euros with Korean won for you. Most Korean shops accept credit cards, and when bringing in cash of more than USD 10,000, you must declare it.

q Is there a difference in electrical outlets?

The standard electrical outlet or socket in Korea is Type C. You need adapters.

q How do I access the internet?

Most hotels and hospitals provide free internet access. Some hotels and hospitals may have a password that can be provided to you at the reception desk. You can also rent a pocket Wi-Fi modem for unlimited internet access during your stay in Korea when you arrive at the airport. You can return them at the airport on the day of your departure.

q How do I get my meals in Korea?

Generally, you can choose the type of meal in hospitals. Hospitalization would mean you would receive three Korean style meals per day, which may include hot spices. You can visit local restaurants during your stay at the hotel.

q Is Korea safe?

Korea is one of the safest countries for foreigners. There are signs in English everywhere, so it is easy to travel around. As can be seen with the COVID-19 response in Korea, medical treatments are quick and safe.

q What service can I receive after I return home?

We provide translation services for medical documents and results once you are discharged from the hospital. Continuous communication with your doctor in Korea is essential to complete a successful treatment and prevent complications. GKMC provides easy communication for your post-treatment contacts.

q Can family members or friends to stay with me while I am admitted to the hospital?

Hospitals in Korea allow companions to stay in the ward upon admission. They can provide an extra cot for no extra charge.

q What is the cost for the concierge service?

We suggest various hotels, vehicles, city tour programs according to the patient’s choice of service. Please refer to our webpage for costs on our concierge service.

q What service can GKMC provide during travel?

We provide communication support from your arrival at the airport, guiding you to your accommodation, and visiting the hospital. We will provide you with a swift solution to any new medical attention that you may seek.