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GKMC is a Korean medical network founded
by a doctor in practice
for 33 years.

GKMC guarantee the best medical service
and a relaxed recovery.

Why choose GKMC for treatment
in Korea, a country in the
forefront of medicine?


GKMC is a trustworthy medical tourism
company built on the experience of
a Traditional Korean Medicine doctor
in practice, who has lead the field of
traditional Korean medicine for 33 years.
This is why you can choose GKMC with
confidence if you are considering
to receive medical treatment in Korea.

Нам можно доверять!

State of the art equipment
and techniques

State of the art medical equipment and
medical staff with exceptional surgical skills.
This is why the number of patients
coming to Korea for treatment
has increased year after year.

Современное оборудование и лучшая техника

Satisfactory Price

What if you could receive the best
medical care in the world
but at a more affordable price
compared to the U.S. or Europe?
This is why you should receive treatment in Korea.

Нам можно доверять!

We provide a cashback reward that
can be used immediately to every GKMC service customer.
※ Amount of cashback will be determined according to GKMC regulations.

Experience Korea’s
best medical team

GKMC is not a simple medical tourism agent,
but a total healthcare company
leading the lifestyle of wellness.

We have a strong medical network built on
our 33 years of experience in the field
as well as our vigorous drive on our research
for a healthy and happy lifestyle.
We continue our efforts to provide the
best wellness lifestyle you could experience.

Hanulmaum Clinic, 24 branches

A specialized Korean medicine clinic of 24 branches at home and abroad,
that uses non-steroid treatments for the skin.

Park Seongbae,
Chief K.M.D. Hanulmaum Clinic
Won Yeongho K.M.D
Kim Jina K.M.D.
Kwak Jungwon K.M.D.
Jang Enuha K.M.D.
Jeong Hyemi K.M.D.
Ko Jinsik K.M.D.
Yoon Yeochang K.M.D.
Cho Kwanjun K.M.D.
Lee Heekyeong K.M.D.
Lim Jang-u K.M.D.
Song Jeongho K.M.D.
Cho Su-an K.M.D.
Hwang Munje K.M.D.
Park Cheoleun K.M.D.
Cha Eonseok K.M.D.
Choi Seonghee K.M.D.
Kim Tae-uk K.M.D.
Cho Yeongcheon K.M.D.
Hong Yohan K.M.D.
Park Jinyeong K.M.D.
Kim Gibe K.M.D.
Lee Samro K.M.D.
Kim Koonhak K.M.D.
Lee Jongwha K.M.D.
Han Yunjeon K.M.D.
Lee Kyeonghun K.M.D.

Haetongbaekse Korean medicine clinic, 25 branches

A Korean medicine network of 25 branches
in Korea specializing in pain and the spine.

Newlife Medical

Newlife Medical Researches and
develops medical equipment that can be easily used at home.

Hanumlaum Korean Medicine Research Center

A Korean medicine research center
that approaches the problem of chronic skin disease,
stunted growth, precocious puberty, rhinitis,
hair loss and other medical problems with steroid-free treatment methods.


An organic food shopping mall acknowledged by doctors.

Best Skin Mall

A shopping mall dedicated to skin and health care products
developed by Korean medicine doctors specializing in skin diseases.

Alpaca World

Korea’s largest animal therapy theme park.