Korean Medicine for skin and immune system

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Your immune system is
the best bodyguard
for your health.


Hanulmaum Clinic, with our 31 year of
experience has
focused on the immune system.

If the immune system fails, toxins that
had entered the body are
not drained and causes problems
on the skin and other diseases.

Hanulmaum Clinic offers immunity strengthening programs
tailored to each patient’s type and characteristics
to ensure your healthy and happy life.

This program has been created by
our medical staff and their
endless study of the immune system,
to effectively improve your health.


Herbal medicine

The medicine is prescribed according to each
individual’s body type and symptoms to detox
any toxins in the body, and
strengthen the immune system.



It is helpful to people who feel weak,
have stagnant growth and development,
women in menopause and people with
low immunity and low stamina.



Gyungok-go reduces fever and purifies the
blood and bodily fluids.
It replenishes weakened energies
by warming the body and revitalizes
metabolism in the body.